A Glimpse of China / 中国文化节

On Saturday, May 21st 2011, the Chinese Dance Academy Resident Dance Troupe performed at the "A Glimpse of China" event in the Seattle Center. The event shares the Chinese arts and culture with the audiences in the Seattle area. We presented 5 dances for this event. These dances offer many different aspects of Chinese arts. They became one of the highlights of the event.


Photography: John Xiao

Performance at Bellevue Arts Museum

On March 25th 2011, the Chinese Dance Academy performed at the Bellevue Arts Museum for its Finally Friday event. This event is a promotion of the exhibits by Asian artists as well as a fusion of performance, art and fashion all together in an evening of high-energy inspiration. The Chinese Dance Academy delivered stunning performances and received high praises from the audience.

2011年3 月25日晚,中国舞蹈学院应邀在Bellevue Arts Museum参加了演出。这次活动是为了宣传正在展出的亚裔艺术家的作品,同时也是美术,表演和时尚的综合体现。中国舞蹈学院的演出令在场的观众赞不绝口。

Photography: John Xiao


The Chinese Dance Academy is a premier dance school in the Seattle area. Founded in 2008, the Chinese Dance Academy is focused on providing quality dance education as well as promoting the Chinese culture through the art of Chinese Dance. Dance enriches the lives of those who practice and perform. Dance bridges different cultures through its unique and universal expressions. The Chinese Dance Academy strives to bring different aspects of the Chinese culture to the local community in Seattle and provide an environment to help dance enthusiasts to realize their potentials.

The president of the Chinese Dance Academy, Mrs. Migali Amuti, is a First Rank dancer from China Central Nationality Dance Troup. She brings over 20 years of teaching and performing experiences to the academy. Her students has performed for the communities in Seattle during major cultural events and Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. Their performances has received overwhelming praises from audiences.



Photography: Ning Lin