The Chinese Dance Academy is having its second dance showcase on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 at 6:30pm in the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center. It’s been two years since our last showcase. The repertoire of the academy has been expanding. The students have acquired more skills and techniques. In this year’s showcase, they will demonstrate their achievements through vibrant dances accompanied by a variety of unique Chinese music. This will be a fun and family-friendly event for the holidays.

“中国舞蹈学院 第二届舞展”将于2013年11月30日晚六点三十分在Renton IKEA 表演艺术中心举行。在过去的两年里,学院积累了更多优秀的作品,学员们的技术技巧能力也在不断提高。在本次演出中,学员们将通过带有浓郁民族色彩的节目来展示她们的学习成果。这将是一场节日期间难得的丰富多彩的演出。

Ticket Information / 票务

Ticket Price / 票价: $15 each

Contact / 联系人:
Migali (Bellevue): 425-638-3812
Dandan (Redmond): 425-830-8724